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Hook Scissors 2.7 mm.

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Hook Scissors 2.7 mm.
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AR-200  Straight, 2.7 mm.  Qty
AR-201  Shaft Right 30º, 2.7 mm.  Qty
AR-202  Shaft Left 30º, 2.7 mm.  Qty
AR-203  Shaft Right 45º, 2.7 mm. Qty
AR-204  Shaft Left 45º, 2.7 mm.  Qty
AR-205  Shaft Curved Up 7º, 2.7 mm.  Qty
AR-206  Shaft Curved Down 7º, 2.7 mm.  Qty
AR-207  Shaft Curved Up 15º, 2.7 mm.  Qty
AR-208  Shaft Curved Down 15º, 2.7 mm.  Qty
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